Keep your teeth clean for a better general health

Keep your teeth clean for a better general health

Diseases have their tricks to make their ways into ones’ body and lack of cleanliness in the context of teeth could be one of the easy ways. In the past studies on the subject of teeth and its basic cleanliness, it is concluded that a non-healthy environment to teeth can create general health issues akin to tooth decay, dental plaque, bad breathe, toothache and even Oral cancer in some cases. Hence, for a better general health, looking after teeth and its cleanliness is quite significant. Here is how you can do so—

Brush—twice a day
Brushing teeth is one of the most important acts of the day for one to follow up. Teeth expert advice each individual to follow up this act twice a day, this helps in the prevention of teeth issues akin to tooth decay and so on. More often than not, the number of the act of brushing is not significant here, however, the correct way of brushing is a matter of concern. People out there usually choose the toothbrushes with big heads hoping that those cover the maximum arena at a time. On the contrary, toothbrushes with small heads work the best as they effortlessly reach to the back teeth as well.

Take your time while brushing
People more often believe in the myth that brushing teeth for a long time cause harm to the tooth roots. However, it is only a myth. In actual, one must brush teeth for at least 2-3 minutes consistently in order to give oneself a break from the risk of teeth issues.

Pick Fluoridated Toothpaste
Fluoridated tubes of toothpaste are enriched with fluoride element which helps in prevention of cavities in all age groups. Indeed, fluoridated tubes of toothpaste are more often recommendable for those containing weak teeth spots and root exposures. In noteworthy of mentioning, one must get in contact with the dentist in order to know the quantity of fluoridated toothpaste to be considered at a time. For instance, in the context of children of around 3-6, it is always a pea size to be used.

Limit yourself upon specific kinds of food intake
Sugar foods, acidic drinks, fruit juices, and alcohol cause severe harm to the teeth and its roots in the long run. Consistent consumption of these food items causes bacteria to grow in dental plaque and transform the sugars into acid. Further, acid weakens the tooth material causing a cavity in the long run. Hence, look out for what you eat first before you eat!

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