Myths & Facts about Root Canal Treatment

Myths & Facts about Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a solution to enhance the condition of damaged tooth and tooth that has caught an infection. In this respective treatment, one can avoid taking the risk of removal of a complete tooth. The treatment involves the refilling of the tooth. This juncture is to calm down the fearful instincts in people in relation to the Root canal treatment because of the myths that exist. Follow up the following myths and actual facts about Root Canal Treatment.

Myth: One has to go through experience severe level of Pain

Fact: Pain is quite at the negligible level

If any treatment includes a “Removal procedure” does not direct to the painful procedure anyway. It is completely insensible to judge a treatment upon its procedure rather than acknowledging the experience of someone who had gone through the same treatment. The facts speak that the treatment involves the consideration of anesthetic elements in order to lessen the impact of the use of sharp operating factors. Under the influence of anesthesia, one does not feel or feels only 1 percent of pain, that too, negligible through drugs later.

Myth: Tooth Extrication is a better choice to make

Fact: Root Canal is long-lasting

Tooth extrication stands for the permanent removal of the infected tooth. It is one of the alternatives of root canal treatment. More often, people state tooth extrication as a treatment better than a root canal because the treatment does not involve any re-filling which is considered as no risk of re-infection. However, re-filling of the tooth is important as after the removal of the tooth, the pulp tissue is exposed and hence, there are more chances of experiencing pain and sensitivity upon eating. During Root canal treatment, the canal is sealed and hence, no pain and sensitivity issues come in the way.

Myth: Procedure takes Days of a walk to the Dentist

Fact: Root Canal is one to three visits, Tooth extraction is forever visit

Permanent Removal of tooth involves more chances of infection and other issues, hence, there is quite a probability of you visiting the dentist every now and then, whenever any issue comes up, even if it is negligible. On the other hand, a Root canal is not a forever walk to the dentist. It only takes 1-3 visits until the sealing of canal is accomplished. It is better to avoid risk forever than collecting more into bags.

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